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Yoga can be done with relatively little gear/ accessories, it can actually be done with none at all! Below you will find a brief description of the most common gear you will, or might use.

The Basic:

Yoga Mat

The Yoga mat is considered a Yoga essential, given that it provides you with a cushiony, non-slip, surface for your hands and feet. The Yoga mat is not only your most basic Yoga equipment but it will also help define your personal space when practicing in a Yoga studio and create traction for your hands and feet so you don’t slip, especially as you get a little sweaty.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks can come in very handy given that they provide support which helps you maintain the correct form by extending your reach. You can place the blocks  under your hands, feet or buttocks. If you have shorter arms, or lack the flexibility to reach the floor, you can rest your hands on a block instead; if your hips are tight and sitting cross-legged is difficult, sitting on a block (or blanket – please see below for description) can be helpful and make you feel more comfortable.


Yoga straps come in 6’ and 8’ lengths and, like blocks, have a variety of uses. For those who are less flexible, they make reaching your toes easier when seated and bending forward. Yoga straps also make it possible to learn more challenging balancing or backward bending postures without putting excess strain on the muscles or joints.

Yoga Blanket

Yoga Studios often have stacks of blankets available for students; the folded blankets are props used to sit and lie on during class. For instance, if you are not too comfortable sitting cross-legged, put a folded blanket or two under your sit bones to elevate the hips above the knees and you will feel much more comfortable. Blankets also come in handy if it’s a bit chilly; you can use them to cover yourself during Savasana, the final relaxation at the end of class.


Please feel free to comment or send us an email at yogathirst@gmail.com if you would like to recommend any gear and/ or brand that you truly enjoy to use.

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